Chaturfier v1.21.0: Twitter Alert bots

Oct 24, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release, Technical

This release adds message bots for Twitter Direct Message notifications, in order to offload the main @chaturfier Twitter account. The message bots function basically like a mailman. One of them can handle only so much, so now there are several. Each Chaturfier user has their personal mailman - message bot.

New Chaturfier accounts created as of today (24 October 2019) will get assigned one of the message bots. They will need to follow the Twitter account of the message bot to receive notifications.

Existing Chaturfier users are invited to "refresh" the message bot in the Account Settings. Note that you will need to follow the newly suggested Twitter account, before clicking the SAVE button. You can do this only once.

Note that it makes no difference if you follow other message bots. Only one of them is assigned to you and you will not be able to receive more than 25 Twitter notifications per day...

This release also includes some optimizations and fixes to the alerts list.