Chaturfier 2.10 - Email: bounces, complaints and deliveries

Jun 13, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release

Email is nice, when it works. Unfortunately it doesn't always work. Sometimes emails cannot be delivered for a plethora of reasons and they will bounce back to the sender.

This release of Chaturfier addresses this issue. In the case of bounces, your email alert channel will be disabled and you will be asked to fix and verify your email inbox before enabling emails again. Should you do so, without fixing your email issues, the email will simply bounce again, and your alert channel will be disabled again...

Chaturfier also receives complaints. These are from people who mark the notifications as spam! Now, Chaturfier has many methods to unsubscribe from email notifications, so marking them as spam is really lazy. Those accounts should be deleted, really, but instead they're deactivated. You will get another chance to receive email notifications, should you wish to.

In both cases, of bounces and complaints, you will receive a message within the Chaturfier website only, since obviously email cannot be relied on in this case. So if you're not receiving those email notifications and you're wondering why, make sure to login sometimes.

This release implements a few other small fixes, one of which is that the cam status is now shown in the online/offline badge. In case of a non-public show, it will turn orangey and the tooltip will tell you the status.