Chaturfier 2.12 - Alerts

Jun 30, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release

For the longest time I refused to constrain the number of Alerts one could create. Unfortunately some people go a little overboard and cause system's resources to be skewed. Chaturfier release 2.12 addresses this issue by introducing alert limits.

If you have an excessive number of alerts defined, you will receive an email explaining your options, before additional actions will be taken. Also, once you hit the limit, you will be unable to create a new alert.

I suppose it's interesting to mention that these new limits currently only affect 0.5% of Chaturfier's users (that is 0.5%, not 5% or 50%!) and none of the supporting users comes even close to the alert limits of a standard account. So this measure is only introduced to reel in people who want to use TOO much!

Additionally the notification limits for standard accounts have been adjusted slightly.

The account info page has been updated to reflect these changes.

Don't like limits? Me neither. You may consider upgrading your account...

Also, when adding new alerts (and in some other cases), you will now receive feedback: