Chaturfier 2.9 - Alerts

Jun 07, 2020 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release

This release adds a few features related to alerts. Some of these features have been on the todo list for a while and some have been requested by users. Here's an overview.

- Added an alert control to each cam widget. So from any page that shows cams, you can now directly add and remove alerts and change the channels.

- In alerts, the online broadcasters are separated from the offline broadcasters.

- Additionally you can switch the view for online models in your alerts between list view and grid (cam) view!

- The Online/Offline badge on the cam widget now doubles as a link directly to Chaturbate.

- Removed the sharethis buttons (they're slow!) and added a simple custom share menu (with twitter, email and copy short(er) link) on the cam and image detail pages.

- Clarified the buttons on the image page to make it clear there are some options. Don't forget to vote for your favorite images!

- Fixed bug that brought Chaturfier to a halt when Telegram service is unavailable (which happened yesterday).

- And many other fixes...