Email complaints

Jun 08, 2020 Chaturfier Security

Despite the fact that Chaturfier's emails are explicitly OPT-IN and with full control to unsubscribe, there are apparently still people who mark the mails as spam. Chaturfier receives bounced emails for a number of cases, and one is abuse/complaints.

To remind you: if you do not want to receive Chaturfier emails anymore, you can simply unsubscribe from the email itself. Alternatively you may disable your email channel or remove the email channel from specific alerts.

The user accounts for which abuse reports were received have now been deactivated!

If you find your account deactivated and you still want to use Chaturfier services, then you need to reactivate your account - and stop marking those emails as spam! :p (Note that you probably will not receive an account activation email, since you've blocked that option yourself... Contact Chaturfier if you have trouble reactivating your account.)