Chaturfier 2.14 - Broadcasters Revisited

Aug 03, 2020 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release

Since last month's 2.13 release, a broadcaster's choice to appear, or not to appear on a "network site" is respected. There was just this slight issue with broadcasters switching that setting ON and OFF. This was not properly recognised. Until now.

This should fix the issue where ONLINE event for some broadcasters were not tracked anymore, as has been reported by a few Chaturfier users.

A side-effect of this fix is that some broadcaster may temporary appear in limited form on their detail page (and with a blue online badge). This typically lasts less than a minute.

The following four statements apply to broadcasters that chose NOT to appear on network sites:

  • You can recognise them by their blue online badge (without status).

  • These broadcasters have tags and will appear on tagged pages again (change from release 2.13 revoked).

  • If the broadcaster has very few viewers they will not be tracked properly and you may NOT receive notifications. This appears to be a Chaturbate bug or feature...

  • Also, you may receive REPEATED online notifications. This is due to another Chaturbate bug, of which I've notified them. These repeating notifications will stop when CB fixes this issue. Hopefully.