Chaturfier 4.0 - Push notifications

Oct 29, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release

Chaturfier 4.0 has been released and introduces a new notification channel: Web Push! This allows Chaturfier to send online notifications directly to your mobile or desktop device and browser.

To make Web Push notifications work, you will need to subscribe your browser and allow notification permission. You can do this in the Alert Channels settings page. Should you deny permission, Chaturfier will not be able to send you push notifications, nor will it be able to ask permission again. In this case you will need to reset notification permissions in the browser yourself.

In order to receive the notifications, your browser needs to be open, but does not have to be active (focused).

After enabling the Web Push channel, you can turn on the Push channel for each of your alerts.


Some notes on compatibility

Web Push notifications have been tested and are working correctly on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android in these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Yandex and Opera. See here for more details.

The notifications will appear as Operating System notifications and are rendered differently depending on the device, OS and browser. At the time of this writing Microsoft Windows seems to have the most complete visual notifications, showing the image and options clearly. Google Chrome on macOS unfortunately does not support images anymore. Chaturfier detects this and works around this little issue, but you will need to click on the little arrow in the top right of the notification to see the image. On Android you will need to slide the notification open to see image and options. iPhone and iPad are incompatible because Apple refuses to implement this standard on these devices. Apple Safari has an incompatible implementation of Web Push that is unsupported in Chaturfier.