Chaturfier 3.6

May 29, 2021 Chaturfier Release, Technical, Upgrade

Following release 3.5, Chatufier 3.6 upgrades some client-side libraries. Chaturfier is build using bootstrap and this release updates this library to version 5. You will notice that some pages are wider, giving more space to images, which helped with the size: they're bigger. In the process of updating this library, many things had to be adjusted, again. If you notice something not working the way it should, please let me know.

Additional changes in this release:

  • Slightly extended the help pages, now supporting deep links to items.
  • The notification log now also mentions the type of notification (online / public).
  • When setting up your alert channels, you can now send a test message.
  • Fixed an issue when sharing lists.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to undo the deletion of an alert.
  • Many more little fixes...