Chaturfier 3.7 - Improved email handling!

Jun 10, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release, Technical

When Telegram and Twitter messages are send, they delivered directly, which makes feedback reporting on potential errors relatively easy. Email is different. When an email leaves Chaturfier, there are a 1000 things that can go wrong along the way before it reaches your inbox. Email travels through several "hops" and at each of those hops something may fail. Email has been around for quite a while and it suffers from some legacy issues when it comes to proper error messages. It also seems that some email providers have their own interpretation on what exactly an error code means...

For notifications proper error reporting on bounces and complaints has been in place since release 2.10. For all other emails leaving Chaturfier - mainly account activation emails - this was not the case. Besides notification emails there are at least 10 other types of email messages, all of which sometimes fail to be delivered successfully. This release - Chaturfier 3.7 - fixes this problem!

All email handling within Chaturfier has been redesigned from the ground up into a robust platform. Should anything go wrong during delivery, you will be notified, in a clear feedback message, of the problem with a system message from within the Chaturfier website. Those system messages are shown at the top of the page and may appear when refreshing the page or simply when browsing the website. Should there be a problem with email delivery during account activation, or when changing email addresses, or when upgrading your account, or when you account is inactive, or when delivering an online notification, or whenever... you will now know when you visit!




The email testing functionality in the Alert channels settings page has been extended to include feedback reporting. So head over there to verify if your email is still working correctly.

In case of errors, for example a "typoo" in your email address, you may see something like this...



And when everything is alright, you should see something like this...



Before this release complaints were handled rather radically by deactivating the user account of which the email caused a complaint. Since in most cases it's really the mail provider that causes the email message to bounce with a complaint, this measure was probably a bit over the top. From now on user accounts are no longer deactivated on complaints and the email channel will also remain enabled, since complaints are temporary most of the time. Note that previously deactivated accounts will be reactivated.


Additional changes in this release...

  • Added filters to lists pages. Note that these are the same filters applied to cams and images! Also note that in the case of lists these filters are "greedy". Say, for example, you only want to see females. Then any lists with even only 1 non-female model will be filtered out of your view. One list can contain models of different genders.
  • Some models choose not to set a gender and are "Unknown". This has been added to the filters, as otherwise some lists would not show up.
  • The list image is now also shown on the detail page of that list - and is clickable.
  • All password fields now have a show/hide button.
  • You may notice that the links in notification messages have changed and are now encoded.
  • Fixed a few minor issues.


Also note that next Saturday, 12 June, will be Chaturfier's 3 year anniversary! Yay! Stay tuned for a little (possibly delayed) surprise...


UPDATE: A tiny issue was found that for a certain group of people the email deliver feedback was not properly handled. As a result these people got some extra notifications that are not counted towards their daily quota. This is now fixed, though.