Chaturfier 3.9 - Several fixes

Jun 20, 2021 Chaturfier Bugfix, Technical

This update of Chaturfier contains several technical (bug)fixes and a few changes:

  • When adding or removing a model to/from a list, the lists section should be updated (but only if there were already lists there).
  • Added reference of latest blog post to email notifications, so you can stay up to date of what's happening.
  • Rewrote referrer logic as there were some rare cases where users would not be rewarded with account upgradres. This has been an issue since the beginning and I wrote about it last year, for release 2.5.0. This new fix will only work (hopefully) for new accounts. And I will say the same as I said back then:

If you believe your account should be upgraded, but it isn't, please contact me and we will resolve this!

  • Solved an issue with slow model profile pages that would occur in some very rare cases.
  • When a model has opted out of Chaturfier, this is now shown instead of their profile page. These models do not appear anywhere else.
  • When a model has been banned from Chaturfier - which may happen in some rare cases - this is now also shown. These models will also not appear anywhere else.