Chaturfier 4.3 - "Unlimited" Lists

Feb 15, 2022 Chaturfier Feature, Release

This update of Chaturfier introduces "unlimited" lists! That is, the limit of 36 cams per list has been upgraded to a much higher number... Before hitting that limit you should see a recommendation warning when trying to add more than 300 cams to a single list. The list create/edit page still shows all cams on a single page, to ease editing, and adding more cams only has detrimental side effects.

When viewing a list with many cams, pagination provides a way to navigate to all cams in the list. If you want to see online cams first, you can do so by sorting cams in a list on "Chaturbate" or "Viewers".

Additional changes in this release include the following...

  • For those people who have been creating multiple lists with the same title and subject, you can now merge those lists into one single list. The list merge feature is available on the "Your Lists" page.
  • To assist creating/editing lists there are now two "add cam" buttons: one to add cams to the start of the list and one to add cams to the end.
  • The last updated date has been added to the list details, so it's no longer needed to add this info manually to the list title or description. Note that at this time the updated date has been reset to the list creation date.
  • The gender filter on the lists page has always been a bit harsh. This has been fixed by including lists with cams that mostly fit the gender filter. To accomplish this, the gender of a list is now automatically determined and also shown in the list details. For example, lists that contain 97% female cams will now be included when filtering lists by female only.
  • Added tags to lists. Filtering or searching lists by tags will be added in a future update of Chaturfier, so go ahead: tag your lists!
  • Redesigned all toolbars throughout the website, including compatibility for small screens.
  • Added a sort option to all "Your Lists" pages.
  • Extended tag groups.
  • Chaturbate silently changed their genders for Trans, breaking support. This update fixes that, well sort of anyway.