Chaturfier 4.5 - Ranking charts

Mar 21, 2022 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release

This update adds ranking charts to model profiles, if they ever ranked in the last year. Ranking data older than a year will be removed.

Additionally the ranking algorithm has been slightly adjusted to compensate for relatively not-so-popular models that broadcast almost 24/7, so you may seem some moves in the Charts.

Some people sometimes change their gender, for instance when inviting guests they may change their gender from male to couple. As one cannot compare apples and organges, the rankings for a performer will now be fixed to a single gender and not be shown for other genders. So even when a male performer may be more popular when inviting guests and broadcast as a couple, this will no longer influence their ranking.

A bug has been fixed that caused some broadcasters to have an unknown gender.

The edit list page now detects when you're trying to leave without saving changes and will notify you of this.

Unfortunately the deployment of this release took a few minutes during which the website went down.