Help for models

Help for users

Follow these steps to prove that you own the CB account and claim your Chaturfier profile:

  1. If you have not already done so, create a Chaturfier account.
  2. Go to your profile page, use the search at the top of each page.
  3. Claim your profile, click on this button on your profile page:
  4. Copy the code as presented to the "about me" section in your bio on Chaturbate.
  5. Click the verify button.
  6. When done correctly, you will now be verified and can remove the code from your CB bio.
  7. You can refresh the page and a green button will appear...

Models with a claimed profile will have a badge next to their name, and they have control over their profile. More options and features for claimed profiles will come soon...

Should you be unable to claim your profile, for instance when you have already deleted your Chaturbate account, feel free to contact me (see below).

As a model you can turn off "appear on network sites" in the profile settings of Chaturbate, in the "Settings & Privacy" tab. The next time you go online, Chaturfier will diminish your profile. This minimal profile that will remain on Chaturfier is there only to allow people to add alerts so they will be notified when you appear online: the main functionality of this website. Broadcasters that have this setting turned off will not appear on the cams pages.

Should you want to remove your profile you can simply opt out of Chaturfier. The profile of a model that has opted out of Chaturfier, appears as deleted and users will not receive online notifications, will not be able to create new alerts and will not be able to add the profile to lists.

To remove your profile, first claim your profile, and then click the "Opt out of Chaturfier" button in the Control profile window and follow the instructions. This operation is not immediately permanent: you may change your mind and opt back in. When you do, the profile will reappear publicly. Users will be able to create new alerts and add you to their lists and will also receive online notifications again.

Note that abandoned profiles will be marked as deleted automatically after 4 months of not broadcasting.

Yes you can. Feel free to contact me by email: .