Upgrade Account: Support Chaturfier

What account levels exist?

Account Amount (US$) Period

What are the limitations per account?

Account Alerts Email Telegram

The account type is determined by your level of support, either as donations or commissions via the affiliate program of Chaturbate (CB). For example, when you contribute US$40 you will be rewarded with a "2nd level supporter" account for at least 2 months. This will allow you to create 700 alerts and receive 200 emails and 100 telegram notifications daily.


Donate directly

You can support Chaturfier and upgrade your account by donating an amount directly using PayPal. Your account will be upgraded instantly, according the information in the tables above. Choose an amount and click the PayPal button.

Amount (US$)



Via the affiliate program

Chaturfier makes use of CB's affiliate program and by supporting your favorite models you can support Chaturfier and upgrade your account as well.

How does that work?

Usually CB receives 50% of a model's earnings. If you would create a new CB account and buy tokens, after being referred by Chaturfier, then Chaturfier would receive 20% commission out of CB's share. The model will still earn their 50%, CB will receive 30% and the cost of tokens will not change for you.

Then what?

CB provides anonymized affiliate reports (no usernames or tipping information will be shared), that Chaturfier uses to determine which user earned what commission. The amount and period then define the account level, which in turn leads to a set of notification limits. Accounts will be upgraded within minutes and re-evaluated every week on Mondays.