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No. Chaturfier respects privacy and cannot see any information from Chaturbate such as tips, tokens, messages and usernames. However, Chaturfier uses the affiliate program of Chaturbate and does receive anonymized commission reports (see "What are postbacks?") that it uses to award users with upgraded accounts, granting more relaxed alert and notification limits.

If you wish, you can learn more in the privacy policy of Chaturfier.

No. Usage of Chaturfier is free. The commission that Chaturfier earns by using Chaturbate's affiliate program is paid by Chaturbate. So, when Chaturfier refers you to Chaturbate and you create and account there and then buy tokens, you will not incur any extra costs. And neither do the models: they will still receive their share of anything you may tip them.

Also check the Upgrade page if you like.

Alert channels are the different ways that Chaturfier can alert you when a model goes live or appears public. A more appropriate term would be notification delivery channels.

Currently Chaturfier supports Email, Telegram and Web Push (with Twitter discontinued). To receive notifications for a particular channel, you will need a client.

Email clients are abundant and you most likely already use one. Gmail always works well.

Telegram is a modern messenger, similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger - but better. It is available for mobiles and desktops and currently is the best, nicest and fastest way to receive notifications.

Web Push notifications can be sent to web browsers on mobile and desktop devices. To receive notifications the browser must be open, but does not have to be active. Push notifications work on all modern browsers and platforms, except iOs (iPhone, iPad - thanks to Apple not implementing support) and Safari (because it does not follow the standards - again thanks to Apple).

Check the next section on how to configure alert channels.

You can configure channels on the Alert Channels settings page.

Your Email channel is enabled by default and will use the email address you provided at sign up. It cannot be removed, but it can be disabled by clicking the button.

To connect the Telegram channel, follow these steps:

  1. First install Telegram.
  2. Then, on the alert channels settings page, click the button in the Telegram section.
  3. Click the link of the Telegram bot.
  4. A new page will open where you will be requested to Open Telegram: do so.
  5. In the Telegram app, click the Start button.
  6. You should now be greeted with the message: Successfully connected your Chaturfier account!

To connect the Web Push channel, follow these steps:

  1. On the alert channels settings page, simply click the button in the Web Push section.
  2. When the browser asks for notification permission, make sure to allow it.

Note: If you deny notifications and later change your mind, you will need to reset notification permissions in the browser yourself. See how to do this in Google Chrome.

Chaturfier allows for only one Push destination (a browser on a device). If you would like to receive notifications on another device or in another browser, first remove your existing Push configuration and then re-connect by following the steps above.

If you (temporary) do not want to receive notifications for a specific channel, you may disable the channel by clicking the button of that channel.

Unconfigured or disabled alert channels are not shown in the options for your alerts throughout this website.

Check the next section on how to create alerts.

There are a few different ways and places where you can add alerts:

  • In any cam widget (as shown on the cams page and many other places) you can simply click the button in the top left of the widget to add an alert for that cam.
  • You can also click the button on a model's profile page.
  • In the top right of your personal home page (you need to be logged in) there is a button. When clicked, it will open a search dialog from where you can find models that you want to add to your alerts.

In each case an alert will be created for you and the model. When the model goes live (or appears public), you will receive a notification.

Each alert can have different active alert channels. So for one model you can receive notifications by Email and for another by Telegram, should you wish so. You can mix and match alerts and the active channels for each however you see fit.

The default state of the alert channels for newly created alerts depends on a few factors. Primarily an alert channel needs to be defined in the Alert Channels settings page (see above for how to configure alert channels). Then the Default alert state, as defined on the Alert Settings page will determine what alert channels will be active when creating an alert. When set to Auto, Chaturfier will turn ON the channels for the alert, depending on what channels you have currently enabled.

Yes, to some degree. You can use the Alert type option on the Alert and notification settings page. When using the default choice Picture and informative message, the notification will include all details, such as model name and live image. When choosing No picture, just generic message, particular model details will be hidden. You could use the latter option when you are in a public environment, for example.

Yes you can. Chaturfier offers two ways to control the notification delivery frequency.

Firstly, the Notification schedule applies to all alerts for broadcasters equally and allows you to specify at what hours of the day, for the days in the week, you wish to receive notifications. For instance, if you do not wish to receive any notifications at night, you can simply unmark those hours. Note that you will not receive notifications for broadcasters that are already online before your schedule determines you want to receive notifications. Also note that the times in the schedule are in your local time zone, so make sure to set it correctly (on the Settings page).

Secondly there is the Notification frequency option on the Alert and notification settings page that applies to specific alerts for broadcasters. For instance, if you would set this option to Once per day you would receive only one notification for a specific broadcaster within a 24 hour window. Choosing When going live (the default) would notify you every time a broadcaster goes live. The option When appearing public is only available for supporting users (see the Upgrade page). Choosing this option will notify you when a broadcaster goes live or appears public again after a private/hidden/away session.

Please note that cam state cannot be tracked for broadcasters that do not wish to be on network sites (see below for the meaning of the different status colors). Also note that the RSS feed of alerts does not contain the appearing public events. And if you have chosen to receive generic messages only (with the Alert type option on the Alert Settings page) this level of detail will not be shown.

Sometimes a model appears offline in Chaturfier, while they are broadcasting on Chaturbate. Even though online-detection concerning region blocked areas has been significantly improved since version 3.5 and version 4.32, it may still happen, however rare, that these models are blocking the locations that Chaturfier is tracking from. The result is that Chaturfier cannot see these models, and you will also not receive online notifications for them.

Alternatively, some broadcasters opted out of Chaturfier, or they were banned. In these cases there will not even be a profile available, and it's not possible to create alerts for these broadcasters.

Some broadcasters choose not to "appear on network sites". Chaturfier respects this choice, but still provides a minimal and diminished profile of these broadcasters, so that users can add alerts and be notified. However, in some rare cases Chaturfier may still be unable to track these broadcasters successfully, and it is possible you will not receive a notification when they go live.

You do not have to be logged in Chaturfier to receive notifications.

Chaturfier's outgoing emails are signed, encrypted, secured and authenticated with DKIM, SPF, DMARC and are explicitly opt-in. Chaturfier never sends SPAM emails! Despite all this, there are still Mail Transfer Agents and email providers that are under the impression that Chaturfier's emails are SPAM, and will actively block emails before they reach you. Usually the blocking of emails is system-wide (at your mail provider) and of temporary nature.

As mentioned before, it appears that certain mail providers are very stubborn in respecting all these email security protocols. Particularly and (and,,, etc), to name just a few, seem unable to follow aforementioned email security standards.

Besides the measures that have already been taken, there is not much that Chaturfier can do about blocked emails. When email delivery problems occur, Chaturfier will register this and you will be notified with a message on this website. The message will explain exactly why email could not be delivered and if the problem is of temporary nature or permanent. You can use this information to try to resolve any email issues with your mail provider yourself.

If you are regularly experiencing problems with email, Chaturfier's advice is simply this: be patient and wait for the block to be lifted by your mail provider, or change mail providers (Gmail always works well) or change alert channels. There are options...

You can add comments to blog posts and user-created lists. This allows you to suggest models for lists to the list's creator, for example.

To view comments on a list or blog post, scroll down on its page. Replies are threaded, one level deep, to make it easy to follow conversations. Comments are public and anyone can reply to a comment you post. Only users that are logged in to Chaturfier can post comments.

You may edit your comments for up to 10 minutes after posting. You may delete your comments, as long as there are no replies.

Usernames on Chaturfier are optional and never required. When a user has set their username, it will be shown in their comments and lists.

You may set or change your username at any time in the account settings. Additionally, when you don't have a username set, an option to do so will appear when viewing comments or when editing your lists.

Usernames on Chaturfier are unique and not related to usernames on Chaturbate. But should you wish to, you can use the same username. You cannot use a model's name as username, unless you have claimed that model's profile.

Normally session details are retained for a maximum of 4 weeks. For sessions that had less than a maximum of 50 users, the details will be retained for only 24 hours at most.

Publicly online.

Online but in private.

Online but in hidden show.

Online but away.

Offline, not broadcasting.

Online but state unknown, these are broadcasters that have "appear on network sites" off in their CB settings.

Broadcaster has been deleted, because the account has been abandoned, they opted out of Chaturfier, or they have been banned from Chaturfier (only in very rare cases).

These are the default colors, but if you like you can change them in the settings.

Chaturfier's ranking rewards a broadcaster's popularity and visibility. The ranking score is composed of several factors, including followers, average viewers and online duration, plus several internal factors such as number of defined alerts, for example. Over time the score will degrade and if a model does not regularly broadcast, they will drop in ranking. Scores and rankings are calculated and updated daily.

Chaturfier updates and tracks most broadcasters every minute. This makes sure you will receive those online notifications as fast as possible. However, statistical data, such as number of viewers and current position is delayed. This is how Chaturbate provides this info.

Yes you can. For bugs, requests and other feedback, please contact me by email: .