Chaturfier 3.5 - Notification frequency

May 10, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release, Technical, Upgrade

As you may have noticed, Chaturfier version 3.5 has been released! This update was all about upgrading some base libraries that Chaturfier is built upon, but as a bonus there are a few new features and some other changes. An overview...

While upgrading the base libraries, it was necessary to redesign the core of Chaturfier: the online cam trackers. This has appeared to be beneficial, because they are now 4 times faster than before! Additionally, broadcasters that had blocked the country where Chaturfier's servers are located, should now appear online properly!

In the Account settings page, the Alert settings have been split of from the other settings, such as timezone. Head over to the Alert settings and have a look at the new Notification frequency. This setting defines the frequency of notifications per broadcaster. If you were getting too many notifications, you can now set this setting to "once per day" to receive less notifications. Once a day means that you will receive only one notification for a specific broadcaster within a 24-hour window.

Users that support Chaturfier also have the option to be notified whenever broadcasters appear public (after being in a private show, a hidden show or away), in addition to the regular online notifications! Obviously this may generate more notifications, so it makes sense this option is only available to supporting users.

Before this release, notifications were counted in the current day, starting at midnight UTC. This has been changed to the last 24 hours: a sliding window. You Notification log has been updated to reflect this change. The notification status icon on this page has also been fixed (it had been absent for a while).

Also changed are the periods for the different account levels. 1st Level Supporter is now 1 month and 2nd Level Support is now 2 months. 3rd Level Supporter remains 3 months and Premium Supporter period remains 1 year. To compensate for this, the amounts to be promoted one level up have been lowered. Additionally accounts will be upgraded (almost) immediately and re-evaluated once a week, instead of once a month. The Account upgrade page has been updated to reflect these changes.

The List feature, as introduced in the previous release, appears to be very popular. Many lists have been created (244 at the time of this writing) and the items under "Lists with favorite models" on your home page may have been piling up. This release also fixes this and now only shows the last four, with the rest available a separate page. The same is also true for your created lists.

When sharing lists on Chaturbate, CB has the annoying tendency to add a space in the URL. Chaturfier now compensates for this and does not show an Oops or Not found page anymore.

When adding an alert for a broadcaster that has their "appear on network sites" CB setting OFF, you will get a message that notifications cannot be guaranteed, unfortunately. Even the redesign of the trackers could not solve this issue, which is of course inherent to that CB setting. 

Sometimes it would happen that your account could be deemed inactive, while in fact it is not. You would receive an email with the request to login, or your account could even be deactivated. This release should fix this issue with an improved method to track active accounts and a different way of storing sessions. You probably noticed that you had to login again due to this change...

Note: during deployment of this update, the website went down multiple times. There is still no nice "under maintenance" page, so you'd be seeing some error message from Cloudflare.