Posts in archive of May 2019

Chaturfier - v1.10.0

May 27, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release
Added "People also liked..." to the cam detail page, providing you with some suggestions based on the current broadcaster. Also fixed cams browse page for mobiles, finally.

Chaturfier - v1.9.0

May 18, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release
Added preliminary compound gender filters to the Cams page. You can now choose to see Female and Couple cams only, for example. I've been wanting to add this from the start, just never got to it. More options and possible …

Chaturfier - Following @chaturfier on Twitter?

May 17, 2019 Chaturfier
There seem to be some people who either delete their Twitter account, or stop following @chaturfier - after registering their account. Naturally Chaturfier won't be able to send notifications anymore, so for those accounts, the Twitter name and alert channels …

Chaturfier - v1.8.6

May 16, 2019 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release
Error monitoring has been sharpened, due to Twitter notifications not being sent - from Monday 13 May 5:23pm GMT until Wednesday 15 May 7:16pm GMT. The exact cause of this failure is still being investigated.