Posts in archive of December 2019

Chaturfier 2.0.5

Dec 24, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release
Chaturfier 2.0.5 adds an RSS feed of your alerts.

Chaturfier 2.0.4

Dec 19, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release
Chaturfier release 2.0.4: A cam's position is now taken from Chaturbate. The position shows up on a cam's detail page and in the schedules. Also (online) Alerts can now be sorted on position.

Chaturfier 2.0.3

Dec 17, 2019 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release
Chaturfier version 2.0.3 fixes an issue with adding a Telegram account. In case you had a problem before, please try again! This release also adds "tagged cams": click any of the tags in a cam's detail page to see other …

Chaturfier 2.0.1

Dec 11, 2019 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release
Chaturfier 2.0.1 fixes a few issues that popped up recently: - Some broadcasters seemed to log off and back on repeatedly, sometimes even causing notifications to be sent (counting towards your daily limits). - The statistics were not updated anymore. …

Email alert limit raised

Dec 01, 2019 Chaturfier Technical
Chaturfier now makes use of Amazon's email delivery services. And with that the email alert limit has been raised to 250 notifications per day. Enjoy! :)