Posts in archive of March 2020

Receiving double notifications?

Mar 28, 2020 Chaturfier Technical
In the past 14-15 hours (roughly midnight to 14pm UTC) you may have received double notifications in email and telegram. For some mysterious reason the …

Chaturfier 2.5.3 - Share buttons

Mar 25, 2020 Chaturfier Release
This small release adds sharing buttons for popular social networks to the cam details page.

Chaturfier 2.5.2

Mar 23, 2020 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release
This release entails a redesign of both light and dark themes. Reason was the weird "UI transition bug" which was introduced in the previous release, …

Chaturfier 2.5.0 - Accounts!

Mar 15, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release
Since the introduction of notification limits Chaturfier has been purring smoothly with hardly any failed notifications. Abuse has been culled and things seemed fair. But …