Posts in archive of June 2020

Chaturfier 2.12 - Alerts

Jun 30, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release
For the longest time I refused to constrain the number of Alerts one could create. Unfortunately some people go a little overboard and cause system's resources to be skewed. Chaturfier release 2.12 addresses this issue by introducing alert limits. If …

Chaturfier 2.11 - Less Images...

Jun 28, 2020 Chaturfier Release
As alluded to in a previous blog post, the images also need to be cleaned up. From now on, anything deemed "unpopular" will be removed gradually, daily. So, as a reminder, don't forget to vote for your favorite images …

Chaturfier 2.10.3

Jun 25, 2020 Chaturfier Bugfix
This (and the previous) release fixes some bugs and display issues with the charts, as they were not rendered correctly in some browsers and platforms. Should be okay now. Thanks to <anonymous user> for feedback and testing!

Chaturfier 2.10.1

Jun 14, 2020 Chaturfier Release
Actually decided to HIDE the unconfigured alert channels. This simplifies, unclutters and prevents confusion, especially since the alert control widget was introduced. Remember to configure the alert channels.

Chaturfier 2.10 - Email: bounces, complaints and deliveries

Jun 13, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release
Email is nice, when it works. Unfortunately it doesn't always work. Sometimes emails cannot be delivered for a plethora of reasons and they will bounce back to the sender. This release of Chaturfier addresses this issue. In the case of …

Chaturfier 2.9.1 - Stats

Jun 10, 2020 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release
This release fixes a small bug in the current broadcaster and audience distribution calculations on the Stats page and adds historical charts. At the moment new data points are added to the charts every 30 minutes and the charts span …

Email complaints

Jun 08, 2020 Chaturfier Security
Despite the fact that Chaturfier's emails are explicitly OPT-IN and with full control to unsubscribe, there are apparently still people who mark the mails as spam. Chaturfier receives bounced emails for a number of cases, and one is abuse/complaints. To …

Chaturfier 2.9 - Alerts

Jun 07, 2020 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release
This release adds a few features related to alerts. Some of these features have been on the todo list for a while and some have been requested by users. Here's an overview. - Added an alert control to each cam …

Telegram is BACK UP

Jun 06, 2020 Chaturfier Technical
UPDATE: As of 8:44 p.m. UTC Telegram appears to be up and running again: notifications are working again. Telegram appears to be down since 8:06 p.m. UTC. Notifications for this channel are not working at the moment.