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Maintenance issues

Nov 22, 2023 Chaturfier Technical

Yesterday's maintenance seems to have left the system unstable.  Some pages are slow, information is outdated and notifications are delayed.  The problem is being investigated and hopefully solved soon.

UPDATE: the problem seems to be fixed and everything is running …

Chaturfier 4.28 - Fixed account update issue

Sep 09, 2023 Chaturfier Bugfix, Technical

The automatic account update issue, as reported in the previous blog post, has been fixed. Unfortunately CB had decided to change the format of their reports without notice, so things were not processed correctly anymore. Everything should be back …

Automatic account updates not working

Sep 09, 2023 Chaturfier Technical

Just like last year around this time, the automatic account updates stopped working on September 8 at 18:42 UTC, due to an issue with CB's affiliate reporting. The problem has been reported and hopefully will be fixed swifly...

Chaturfier 4.27 - Cleanup

Aug 03, 2023 Chaturfier Release, Technical

This release involved some application cleanup. Nothing really changed and everything should be working fine. If not, please let me know.

Automatic account updates were not working

Dec 10, 2022 Chaturfier Technical

Just like before, the automatic account updates had stopped working around 7-8 December. The problem lies with CB not passing on the required information. This seems to be happening quite regularly. Let's keep our fingers crossed that CB will …

UPDATED AGAIN and AGAIN (!): Automatic account upgrades not working (again)

Sep 17, 2022 Chaturfier Technical

UPDATE (Wed 12 Oct): The issue has been fixed and data + accounts have been updated.

UPDATE (Sun 9 Oct): The same thing happened again: account updates stopped working on Saturday 8 October at about 4pm UTC, due to CB's …

Chaturfier 4.13 - Major systems update and more

Jun 12, 2022 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release, Technical

UPDATE: After initial deployment, some additional installation had to be performed. For this the webstite had to be taken down again and the cache had to be cleared. Effictively this means that you have been logged out. Currently everything seems …

Chaturfier 4.3.3 - Small optimizations

Mar 05, 2022 Chaturfier Release, Technical

A quick release with two small optimizations:

  • The dark theme should work a bit better with the white flash removed. I think. Let me know if you still experience this.
  • Image preloading works a little better.

Automatic account upgrades not working

Feb 22, 2022 Chaturfier Technical

UPDATE - Sat 26 Feb: the problem has been fixed by Chaturbate and automatic account upgrades should be working again. However, there is some missing data from the period since 17 February until last night. Looking into fixing that...

Due …

Chaturfier 3.13.1 - Removing Twitter left-overs

Sep 08, 2021 Chaturfier Technical

This update removes anything related to Twitter from the codebase and database, including the Twitter confurations of users who had those.

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