Chaturfier 5.6.0 - Updating dependencies

Apr 03, 2024 Chaturfier Release, Technical

This update of Chaturfier focusses on updating one of the frameworks this website is build with (Bootstrap), and finalizes the work done in the previous release. This time the design and layout of this website have been improved in order to make use of the new features of Bootstrap and to optimize and cleanup things.

Additionally, a few small bugs have been fixed.  One of which was that the total number of online broadcasters on the Stats page was misreported, also in the charts.

On the subject of dependencies and frameworks used to build this service: a future update will focus on updating some other things, namely: Python and Django.

Coming soon: comments for lists and more...

UPDATE 15 April: Default colors in sessions overview were not working.  This is fixed now, thanks to feedback! 

UPDATE 17 April: Fixed an issue in the Upgrade page and disabled crypto payments.

UPDATE 24 April: Adjusted the locations of CB images, thanks to feedback!