Posts in archive of December 2023

Chaturfier 4.32 - Improved tracking

Dec 26, 2023 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release

This update of Chaturfier should improve online tracking of Chaturbate broadcasters. Previously it would happen that some broadcasters would appear offline on Chaturfier, while broadcasting on Chaturbate. This should happen less now. Additionally users should now receive notifications when those …

Chaturfier 4.31 - Customizable status colors

Dec 17, 2023 Chaturfier Feature, Release

This update of Chaturfier adds customizable status colors. The default status colors may not work for everyone, and instead of trying to come up with a color combination that does work, you can now simply configure the colors to your …

Chaturfier 4.30 - Your notes in notifications + some fixes

Dec 13, 2023 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release

This release adds your private cam notes to the notifications for that cam, as a reminder. This feature is implemented for "informative" (detailed) notifications and the Email and Telegram channels.

Fixes in this release include:

  • Removed the online prediction when …