About Chaturfier

Chaturfier is a Chaturbate notifier: a notification service for Chaturbate.

Chaturfier allows you to define Email, Telegram and Push alerts and will send you notifications when your favorite cams appear online or public. Chaturfier provides fine-grained control over alert notifications.


  • Receive notifications by Email, Telegram, Web Push and via an RSS feed.
  • Notification control per broadcaster and per channel, including opt-out from emails.
  • Choose between notification types: detailed informative or generic anonymous.
  • No repeated notifications for cams that temporary logoff or loose connection.
  • Control when and when not to receive notifications with your own notification schedule.
  • Control the notification frequency: once per day, when online, or whenever appearing public.
  • User defined lists of cam models.
  • You can add personal notes to a model's profile page.
  • Browse cams, tags and session details.
  • View daily top 100 charts for all models or per gender.
  • Check statistics with model and user distributions.
  • You can view Chaturfier in a light and dark theme.
  • Should you not want to use your account anymore, you can always simply delete it.
  • Chaturfier features a fast responsive user interface and is mobile compatible.
  • Chaturfier is free to use and free of ads!
  • Want to know more? There is help for users and help for models.


You can use this bookmarklet to jump from a Chaturbate page to the equivalent page on Chaturfier (if available) and immediately create an alert (if applicable). Drag the following link to your Bookmarks bar, then click it on any Chaturbate cam page to open the page on Chaturfier with the same cam.

Drag this: Add CF Alert

Support Chaturfier

If you find this service useful, then please support its continued development. Read more on the upgrade page.


For bugs, requests and other feedback, please contact me by email: .

Join the Chaturfier Channel on Telegram or check the blog for news and updates.

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