Add Alert bookmarklet

You can use this bookmarklet to jump from a Chaturbate page to the equivalent page on Chaturfier (if available) and immediately create an alert (if applicable). Drag the following link to your Bookmarks bar, then click it on any Chaturbate cam page to open the page on Chaturfier for the same broadcaster.

Drag this: Add CF Alert

Import Followed Cams bookmarklet

With this bookmarklet you can import the broadcasters you follow on Chaturbate into Chaturfier. You will need to manually click the bookmarklet on each "following" page on Chaturbate, for all the online rooms and the offline rooms. Each time you click the bookmarklet, a new browser window will open with info about the import. Drag the following link to your Bookmarks bar.

Drag this: Import CB Followers

Note: for more info about bookmarklets and how to install them, please see this page on Wikipedia.