Posts in archive of April 2020

Chaturfier 2.6.2 - Schedule

Apr 22, 2020 Chaturfier Release
This release includes a few small changes to the schedule. Still a work in progress, more to come soon...

Chaturfier 2.6.1 - Timezones

Apr 17, 2020 Chaturfier Release
A while ago someone requested to adjust the timezone lists, as used on the cam detail page, to something shorter. I agree this long list is clumsy, to say the least. But changing it to a shorter list can lead …

Chaturfier - timeouts?

Apr 16, 2020 Chaturfier Technical
There seem to be connection issues within the datacenter where Chaturfier is located. The site keeps running, but can't connect outside and receive connections either. I understand that the problem is being resolved as I write this.. Hopefully... Wasntme..

Chaturfier 2.6.0 - Images

Apr 13, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release
This release adds Images - finally! The images are 5-second animations in WEBP format, which is supported by most modern browsers (notably NOT in IE and Safari - those will fallback to a static, non-animated, image). The images can be …

Chaturfier 2.5.4

Apr 02, 2020 Chaturfier Release
This release fixes some UI-related issues (colors, styling, contrast, positioning, etc.) Also fixed is the updating of cams on index pages (cams page, search results page, tagged cams page). This is experimental, especially considering the heavy internet-usage lately... Let me …