Chaturfier 6.0 - Comments and 6th year anniversary!

Jun 11, 2024 Chaturfier Feature, Release

12 June is Chaturfier's 6th anniversary!

To celebrate this, an anniversary campaign will run for a month. During this time your support and the support of your invites will be trippled. This means that if you donate $10 it will count as $30, earning you a 2nd level supporter account! Check the upgrade page for details.

This update of Chaturfier - appropriately version 6.0 - adds comments to blog posts and lists. Comments wouldn't exactly be comments without a username to see who wrote the comment, so a username has been added as well. You can set your username in the account settings, or when viewing comments or editing a list. Usernames will show up in comments you write and lists you create.

The help page has been extended with some articles explaining how comments work and how usernames work.

Future updates may extend and improve comments. For example with likes on comments, sorting comments by popularity, suggesting model names when writing comments, etc.

For the time being comments have explicitely not been added to model profile pages.  If you would like to see that feature as well, then feel free to let me know in the comments below. :)