Chaturfier 2.8.3 - More or Less Images

May 28, 2020 Chaturfier Feature, Release

This release (and a next one) implements a new methodology for the images: Less Is More! The cam selection algorithm for images has been adjusted again to favor less those models who already have many images. A following release will also cleanup unpopular images.

To help decide which images are popular, and which are not, this release also adds voting and flagging of images. So if you have favorite images, please give them a thumbs up! Effectively voting for an image will delay or prevent its automatic cleanup. Flagging an image will advance its removal.

All pages with a list of images, now also feature a sort option. You may sort on Time, Views and Votes.

This release also changes some things concerning inactive and seemingly abandoned user accounts. Those users will receive a reminder email before further actions are taken.