Chaturfier 3.13 - Goodbye Twitter

Sep 07, 2021 Chaturfier Release

Since 5 September 10pm UTC the Twitter channel has been inoperational, as you may have noticed. The problem is that Twitter staff is under the impression that Chaturfier is in violation of their rules and suspended Chaturfier's account. An attempt to appeal this decision has been fruitless. Their response was short and downright rude:

We’re writing to let you know that your account has been suspended due to multiple or repeat violations of our rules. 

Please do not reply to this email, or send us new appeals for this account as we won’t monitor them.

Well, so be it. The Twitter channel has been removed from Chaturfier. This is unfortunate for everybody using Twitter for their notifications. Please consider using either email or telegram instead: check your alert channels. All active users that had Twitter configured as an alert channel have been notified. Those alert channel configurations will be removed soon, as well as Chaturfier's presence on Twitter.

Personally I can't cry about this loss, really, good riddance! Twitter has been a pain in the behind to support as a notification channel since day one. Their platform is clumsy and not really built for this type of service. It has been a non-stop fight with their API and very restrictive limitations.

As it happens, preparations have been underway to add a new alert channel to Chaturfier. Still some other things to do before this, but stay tuned!