Chaturfier 2.13 - Broadcasters

Jul 05, 2020 Chaturfier Release

This release changes the way broadcasters are tracked. There are broadcasters on Chaturbate who have selected not to be on "network sites", and those who do. Chaturfier was unable to properly distinguish between the two, up until now. So, finally, those broadcaster's choices are respected. While still being able to define alerts for them, their presence on Chaturfier has been greatly reduced.

Broadcasters who have selected NOT to be on network sites, have been removed from the cams and tagged pages. No images will be collected and no sessions will be tracked anymore. Those broadcasters may or may not still appear in some statistics. Anything still there, will be removed soon. (Note that many images had already been collected. Over 4800 images of almost 1800 broadcasters will be removed soon, including many images that has been voted for, with some pain...)

However, those broadcasters still can be searched for and added to your alerts. As a Chaturfier user, you can still receive online notifications for them. When online, their online badge will be blue, signifying that their online state is unknown: they may be in a hidden or private show.

The advantage of this change is, that for broadcasters that DO want to be on network sites, their state is tracked more efficiently. This means you should receive online notifications for those broadcasters even faster!

This release also fixes a bug where, in some cases, affiliates couldn't be properly recognised. It's possible you wanted to upgrade your account, as explained on the account info page, but were not rewarded. If you think this is the case for you, let me know and we'll sort it out.

The search results page was inefficient, which has been fixed as well. Should work a little faster now.

Additionally, some more small things have been fixed.