Double Drag Smokers

A list of 61 cams 94.4% female 515 views Created 1 yr ago Updated 6 hr ago
A list for cams where you can ask the smoker to perform double drags or you and she will know how because someone (possibly me) taught her. BTW at the time of entry on the list she was also a cigarette smoker, not only electronic or vaping, although a lot of models these days are getting pressure from studios or for their health are trying to quit analogue cigarettes so its best to check with them if they still smoke. Special mentions: bridget_jones__ is one of the best smokers I've ever seen, french inhales, rings, dragons ... she is the real deal. Check out bloomhart's video for download "double drags and 2 cigs at once" going for 150 tokens. lucy_ferreiraa does a double drag in her "Lets enjoy a cigarette together" video for 50 tokens, but that one is not great for nose exhales, however her "smoking two cigarettes at a time" for 45 tokens is an excellent SF voyeur, double and triple drags and TAO video, possibly the best video I've ever purchased from CB
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