wRoNg ChAtUrBaTe BiTcHeS ;p

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take care & don't trust these models!
you never safe to get a ban or not.

Newsortofheroin: thinks she is a psychologist lol
-this bitch got in 3 days 50tkn from me and after P.M. (she asked: "why only 3tkn?" i said: "maybe iam not a rich boyguy") she banned me ;D
Dont lose your mind in her eyes! thats the only 1 sweet she have!

Sunshineeve: you are ugly and you know it! lol Look at her hair ;p cup on and saw hahaha

laracroftt_: what are you for a cheap bitch?! The Most Delicious Anal You Will See❤️ lol i bet Osama fucked your smelly Ass! buhaha
with her hair you can make pommes frites!

red_anna: ooooOOOO not good fucking lol be good with your fuckmachine-blowjob biiitch ;p

ALL banned me...cause i don't wanna play with them maybe i stayed too long in their room with my cam on lol ;P
Users shall know what bitches they are!
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