Chaturfier 3.14 - Updated home pages

Oct 04, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release

Finally, Chaturfier version 3.14 has been released! What's in a name, or version... ;-)

So what's new? Here's an overview of changes...

This release updates the home or front page for anonymous users with a bit of explanation what this website is about and how it works and a little demo of sorts. The help pages have been updated as well, especially the user help page.

Added the option to sort lists. Both the list sort and the cams sort in a list are now saved. Also new is that the chosen sort option is now shown instead of just "sort".

The personal home page, for users that are logged in, has been updated as well. It has a new section: recommendations! Other than Chaturbate's recommendations, you can remove the ones you're not interested in.

The personal home page now also has a sticky sub menu in the top for easy navigation. Additionally, if you don't want to have certain sections on your home page, you can now choose which sections to show. Head over to the settings and review "Home page sections". Note that your alerts will always be shown and cannot be removed.

While you are on the settings page, also note the new option to choose how external links to Chaturbate will be opened. Until now this was always "Chat room in new tab", but now you can determine this yourself. Please note that the behavior of those options may depend on the device, browser and settings.

And finally, the account drop down in the right top has been extended and now includes links to your offline alerts, your recommendations, your lists, your images and your notification log. This may come in handy when you choose to remove sections from your personal home page. Additionally your lists and images pages now include a sub navigation for the different sections.

As always, should anything seem out of order, please let me know! Find how to contact me on the about page or help page.

If nothing urgent comes up, the next release will feature a new alert channel - stay tuned!