Chaturfier 3.12 - Opt out for broadcasters & Anonymous browsing

Jul 23, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release

This update, release 3.12 of Chaturfier, adds two new features: opt out for broadcasters and proper anonymous browsing.

Broadcaster opt-out

If you are a model and choose not to be promoted by Chaturfier, you can now take control yourself and remove your profile from Chaturfier. How this works is explained here. Cams that have opted out can not be added to lists or alerts. Also, users will not receive online notifications for these models anymore and the models will not appear in the Charts.

Additionally, for claimed broadcaster profiles, the "Control profile" window now also shows some statistics, like profile views and the traffic that Chaturfier has sent. This information is only visible for the user who claimed the profile.

Anonymous browsing

It has always been possible to browse Chaturfier anonymously, via a backdoor in the About page. This served purely as a preview of the functionality of this website. I have decided to change my phylosophy a tad and open up the main menus also for anonymous users. So now the Cams, Images, Lists, Tags, Charts and Stats are directly accessible for anyone. All viewing functionality (i.e. changing sort and filter options) now work correctly for anonymous users, but of course one has to create an account or login to be able to create alerts or lists and for other features to become available.

Other fixes

  • The main search menu positioning and functioning has been improved. When you select a cam from the search result list, using keyboard, you will be brought directly to their profile page. Remember that the main search is also accessible by pressing [ / ] (that is: forward slash) on each page.
  • In some occassions and locations the sort order of cams may have seen a bit strange. This has been fixed.
  • Image search is now also available on the images page for a specific broadcaster.
  • Fixed List pages: after resorting the cams it was no longer possible to add/remove alerts.
  • Updated Help and Models support pages.
  • Several other fixes, including layout and functionality issues.

As always, if something appears broken, don't hesitate to contact me.