Chaturfier 3.12.3 - Mail bounce fixes

Aug 16, 2021 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release

This bugfix update of Chaturfier, release 3.12.3, fixes some issues related to bouncing, delayed or complaint emails. Specifically when it comes to repeated complaints from the same user. As this signifies that this user marked Chaturfier email as SPAM, their account will be deactivated. When emails to users cause repeated bounces and delays, their email channel will be disabled. In all cases, users are urged to solve the mail issues.

Also fixed in this release is the condition for a user account to be considered "abandoned". As long as your account is receiving notification messages successfully, it will no longer be automatically marked as abandoned.

And finally, all notification emails are now send FROM: If you happen to have a mail rule set up (always a good idea), then make sure to change it!