Chaturfier 4.17 - New list index page

Aug 18, 2022 Chaturfier Feature, Release

This release of Chaturfier presents a new list index page. It shows popular lists (of this week) and lists that have been liked recently, as well as popular list tags. When you click the 'more popular lists' button, you will be presented with additional popular lists and the option to show a different time-frame. For example: the popular lists of all time.

Note that tags are automatically grouped. For instance, lists tagged with #smoke also include lists tagged #smoker and #smoking. Same goes for singular and plural: #teen and #teens, or gender: #latina and #latino (gender is already controlled with the filter options). So when tagging your lists, there is no need to add all those different tags.

Now go 'like' some lists! And as always, let me know if something is not working correctly.