All in One App - v1.5

Dec 20, 2018 All in One App Feature, Release
Relaxed the format of the tip menu, tip levels and auto-thanks notices. Shortened the tip menu to 10 lines, it can now handle multiple items on a single line, effectively allowing "unlimited" (though still limited to a certain number of …

All in One App - v1.4

Dec 13, 2018 All in One App Feature, Release
Initial release as non-custom All in One App. Timer now accepts + and - signs to adjust a running timer. Turned rotating notifier into a shuffled notifier. Changed layout of tip levels.

All in One App - v1.2

Nov 06, 2018 All in One App Feature, Release
Private notice for user's first tip. Private notice for users that have tipped 25+ tokens. Auto-thanks and private notices now accept {user}.

All in One App - v1.1

Oct 19, 2018 All in One App Bugfix, Release
Fixed bug when resetting single goals. Fixed leaderboard and hightipper crowns. Adjusted format of auto "thank you" notices and tip-levels.

All in One App - v1.0

Sep 15, 2018 All in One App Release
Initial release as custom-made "Katyapp".

Chaturfier - v1.0.0

Jun 12, 2018 Chaturfier Release
Initial public release of the Chaturfier notification service!
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