All in One App - v2.1.1

Apr 03, 2019 All in One App Bugfix, Release
Fixed bug: an empty room subject would not initialize the app. Fixed bug: an error message in the timer module was broadcast publicly.

All in One App - v2.1

Mar 29, 2019 All in One App Feature, Release
Added /prefix command for hosts and mods, allowing to add emojis or text to a user's name. Added background colors for host, mods, fans, to distinguish those from the other users in chat.

All in One App - v2.0

Mar 27, 2019 All in One App Feature, Release
Release 2.0 of the All in One App went through several Release Candidates over a period of several weeks, introducing several new features, plus making all code even more stable. An overview of updates and new features: - Configurable info …

Chaturfier - v1.8.3

Feb 23, 2019 Chaturfier Bugfix, Release
Cam images and status+session info refreshes automatically; email design had some mobile compatibility fixes.

Chaturfier - v1.8.0

Feb 17, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release, Security
I was receiving bounced emails from invalid email accounts. Those (two) accounts had to be deleted. Chaturfier now has an extra step in sign up to validate the email address that a new user enters. Also the design of the …

Chaturfier - v1.7.0

Feb 12, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release, Security
You can now reset your password, in case you forgot it, and delete your account if you no longer want to make use of this service.

Chaturfier - v1.6.0

Jan 30, 2019 Chaturfier Feature, Release
A "past schedule" has been added to the cam pages (only available when logged in). It can be used to guesstimate when a broadcaster will go online.

Chaturfier - v1.5.0

Jan 20, 2019 Chaturfier Release
Start of release version tracking.

All in One App - v1.6

Dec 23, 2018 All in One App Release
Provided some more examples/default values in the launch form - review carefully at first launch.

All in One App - v1.5

Dec 20, 2018 All in One App Feature, Release
Relaxed the format of the tip menu, tip levels and auto-thanks notices. Shortened the tip menu to 10 lines, it can now handle multiple items on a single line, effectively allowing "unlimited" (though still limited to a certain number of …
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