Chaturfier 4.1 - NEW tags, tag groupings and more

Nov 04, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release

This little update of Chaturfier adds a few new features. An overview:

  • Added a filter for CB's NEW tag to the Cams pages. You will find it in the filter pull down and your choice is also saved. Note that this filter setting works in combination with the gender filter and tags, so you can now filter on new female latin cams, for instance.
  • Introduced tag groupings. CB's tags are a bit of a mess and often there are multiple tags that mean the same thing. This includes things like wrong spellings ("feets" instead of "feet") or singular/plural spellings ("muscle" and "muscles") or genderized tags ("latin", "latina" and "latino"). Chaturfier now tries to compensate for this and groups similar tags together automatically. For instance: cams tagged with #toy. Feel free to suggest more tag groups.
  • Chaturfier now properly detects the end of a user's session. Should you have a page open for several days and your logged-in session ends, Chaturfier will now warn you of this when you return, instead of leaving the page in some incoherent state.
  • Added the gender filter tool to your recommendations, for clarity. Recommendations were already filtered by your saved gender choice. Please note that your gender filter choices are saved in your account (or session) and used in recommendations, cams and lists.
  • List indexes have been redesigned a bit.
  • Cams that have not broadcast for over a year are now removed on every first day of the month. Those cams will also be removed from your alerts!

As always, feel free to contact me with bug reports, suggestions or anything else. Find my email address in about and help. Enjoy!