Chaturfier 3.0

Feb 23, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release


Since the release of 3.0, a few small things have been fixed, namely:

  • The Account pull-down in the main menu was not always accessible on small screens
  • The algorithm behind the Charts has been updated (and probably will continue to be fine-tuned in the coming days/weeks)
  • Adjusted colors in session overview and charts
  • Unfortunately there was a small issue when processing donations and normal account upgrades. This has been fixed, and those people that already donated (thanks!) have their account upgraded!
  • Some more minor fixes


Chaturfier version 3.0 has been released! Work on this update started 28 October 2020, and finally, after 4 months of hard work, it's finished!

The main feature of this update is a new design as you may have noticed, but there are a few other noteworthy changes. Let's go over them...

New design

The previous design of Chaturfier had some quirks that needed to be addressed: elements were just floating about, cam/model search was only available from the Cams page, and the light/dark theme switch was hidden in the settings, to name but a few things. As a reminder, this is how a broadcaster's profile page looked before:

As you may notice when comparing to the new profile pages, the changes are very subtle, but effective - at least in my very humble opinion.

  • The main profile image and meta data have switched positions.
  • The profile actions, adding / deleting / updating an alert as well as the share menu are now grouped together below the profile image and meta data, and will remain sticky at the top of the page, when scrolling.
  • The profile sections are more clearly defined and are also accessible by a menu that remains sticky at the top of the page as well.
  • The number of images has been reduced as the images themselves are a bit bigger. The sorting of images on the profile page has been removed, just to simplify things. Sorting is still possible on dedicated image pages.
  • Statistics (charts) have been removed, for now. More on this later.

That the profile page now looks very similar to some other famous website is purely coincidental. :)

Other design changes throughout the website include, but are not limited to:

  • Model search is now available on all pages from the main menu. The search field is also accessible by shortcut key "/".
  • Some pages, mainly the Cams and Images pages, now have a wide screen layout.
  • All images are bigger and the cam images are the widescreen versions, no longer the tiny 4x3 images.
  • The Alerts page has been redesigned and renamed to Home. Reason for the name change is that your favorite images have been included on this page. More things will be added in future releases (Lists didn't make it in this release, but are coming soon).
  • The number of offline cams on the Home page has been reduced with a link to a dedicated page for all offline cams.
  • Adding a new alert from the Home page has been reworked.
  • The grid and lists views are now also available on the Cams page.
  • Sorting and filtering Cams and Images has been redesigned using pull down menus and has been extended.
  • A cam's current state is now always shown, also on the Cams page.
  • In the main menu the Account pull down menu has returned, as a few new options had to be added. The menu is now sticky and will remain visible at the top of the page, for easy access.
  • Now available in the Account pull down is a light/dark theme switch! This switch was previously available in the Account settings. Most of the work in this update went into designing proper new light and dark themes.
  • The Notification log (listing all notifications you should have received this day) has been moved from the Account settings section to the Account pull down.

New Charts

The old charts, which were listed on that Stats page, were lacking something. Especially the yearly top 10s made no sense. The only criterea used was number of viewers.

Enter the new daily charts! Every day five top 100s of "best models" will be calculated: one global and one for each gender. The lists are sorted by a score, which is calculated from a number of weighted factors that favor a model's popularity and visibility: the more available and popular a model is, the higher the score. Factors include number of viewers, online time, followers and a few other things. The algorithm behind this may be adjusted in the future.

The old charts will no longer be generated and no notifications about it will be posted to Twitter and the ChaturfierChannel on Telegram. They are archived and accessible through a link at the bottom of the new charts. The old charts have also been removed from the cam profile pages.

Account upgrade

The information listed here was previously only available from the account info page as a popup. It is now available as a dedicated page, accessible from the Account pulldown menu and page footer. It explains how you can support continued development of Chaturfier and, in the process, upgrade your account and extend the limits on your daily notifications.

Additionally to the automated process, you may now also support Chaturfier (and upgrade your account) directly by donating through Paypal! This feature has been requested a while ago, because people want to support Chaturfier but not change their existing username on Chaturbate.

Other changes

  • The number of online cams on the Home page is now always shown in the page/tab title. This is the only thing that updates even if the page/tab is not currently focussed. All other data only updates when a page is visible, or has focus, as has always been the case.
  • A cam's session details now also keeps track of followers growth and has an extra chart showing this info.
  • The feedback messages on certain actions have been moved from the top right to the bottom left of the screen.
  • It's now possible to UNDO the deletion of an alert, at least for a limited time while the "deleted" feedback message is visible.
  • The timezone selection for sessions on Cam profile pages has been adjusted.
  • And many other fixes and changes...