Chaturfier 3.1 - Profile claim

Mar 20, 2021 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release

An exciting new update of Chaturfier, version 3.1, was released last night! The main new feature is the ability for broadcasters to claim their profile and gain control over it. For the moment they can control their images and opt-out of image captures. More features for claimed profiles will follow...

Here is an overview of all changes in this release:

  • Broadcasters can claim their profile and take control over their images!
  • Claimed profiles will be marked with a special badge.
  • The charts are fixed! Previous charts have been removed to prevent confusion.
  • A help page has been added, with a link in the footer menu. It has answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • The sub navigation on the cam profile and image detail pages has been fixed.
  • The timezone selection on the cam profile page has been fixed, again. Finally made it a simple list of UTC timezones.
  • Added top positions chart to cam profile page, which includes a line to signify the first page boundary (may not be visible in some cases).
  • In the viewers and positions charts the current session is now marked in the tooltip, like in the session overview.
  • In those same two charts the sessions (each point) is now clickable and will show the session detail page.
  • Also in those charts, mini sessions (of less than 15 minutes) are not shown.
  • Fixed ad-blocker detection, it was kinda broken. Don't use an ad-blocker on Chaturfier, it will mess with things.
  • Fixed main search results, with correct status colors and now using SVG images.
  • Fixed a rather nasty bug when updating/refreshing the cam images! Image handling has been improved.
  • Fixed bug in tracking of top positions which would sometimes cause a broadcasters position (CB rank) to be misreported.
  • Fixed broken menu icons for small screens.
  • Many speed-related optimizations, everything is considerably faster and feels more smooth!
  • Removed the requirement for a shipping address in the paypal form when donating in the upgrade page. Sorry about that one.
  • Some code has been restructured. Let me know in case something doesn't appear to be working correctly.
  • Fixed many small layout issues and other small fixes and optimizations...