Chaturfier 3.8 - Anniversary!

Jun 11, 2021 Chaturfier Feature, Release

It's Chaturfier's 3rd year anniversary! Yay! And to celebrate, for the next 30 days your contributions will count 3 times towards the upgrade of your account. And as a bonus you can now also invite people, and their contributions will also count towards your own - also 3 times!

Your unique invite URL can be found on your Account info page. You may share this link however you see fit and to whomever you like.

PS: a message will be shown on your personal home page and the upgrade page for the duration of this "3 year anniversary" campaign. It starts at June 12 at midnight UTC and ends July 12 at midnight UTC...

UPDATE: Maybe it's worth mentioning that after this campaign ends, your contributions (and those of your invites) will continue to be valid. I think an example may help.

Say you invite 5 people by using your invite URL. Each of these 5 people contributes $10 (either through commissions or donations, or both). For each person their contribution will be counted 3 times, so it is as if they contributed $30 (those are not real dollars, but some kind of virtual dollars) and they will each have gained a 1st level supporter account. Your account, however, will be upgraded to 3rd level supporter (5 x $30 = $150). You will keep that account for at least 3 months, it won't suddenly be reset back to a standard account after a month, when the anniversary campaign ends.

See the upgrade page for levels and rewards.

After this campaign your contributions made at that time will go back to counting only 1x. The contributions of your invites will also count 1x, for them and for you.