Chaturfier 5.0 - Historical data and much more

Jan 22, 2024 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release

This update of Chaturfier - version 5.0 - adds historical data to the cam profiles!  The session metadata (durations, viewers, position, rankings, etc.) will be archived and accessible through the cam profiles soon.  The start date of the historical data is Monday, 1st of January 2024.

Lots of the code concerning lists has been rewritten and redesigned, improving the way lists are handled.  As a consequence, the URLs of lists have changed!

This update includes many other changes, updates and fixes.  Here's an overview:

  • Tagged lists (for example lists tagged with bigboobs) and list for a model (for example lists with krisi_kiss) now use the same sorting methodology as other list pages. Sort preferences have been removed from user accounts and sessions and moved to url.
  • List URLs have changed! If you have shared lists, make sure to update the URLs.
  • List detail page now has "infinite" scrolling for cams.
  • Invite URLs have changed! It's also possible to use an invite URL-reference now. Your invites has been added to account pull-down menu. Invites page includes detailed explanation.
  • Added average number of viewers to session overview and charts on cam profile and session detail pages.
  • The session overview on cam profile pages has been redesigned, showing weeks horizontally.
  • The charts on cam profile pages have also been redesigned. The viewers chart is a bar-chart, the position chart is a scatter-chart and the ranking chart is a line-chart. All this makes more sense.
  • The viewers charts on the cam profile pages and session detail pages now shows average viewers.
  • The position chart on the session detail pages has been fixed to better align.
  • Updated chart library and fixed all charts.
  • Added links to DMCA take-down for models and subscriptions for users to the footer menu, at the bottom of each page.
  • Session info is now archived into historical data, viewable from cam profile pages, start date is 1st of Jnaruary, 2024.
  • Ranking charts have been reset to align with historical session data, start date is 1st of Janurary, 2024.
  • Session detail for low activity cams (less than 50 viewers) is no longer removed, starting now.
  • Search results are now shown on a separate page and sorting has been fixed.
  • NEW cams are now shown on separate page, no longer as a filter.
  • NEW cams period is now configurable on Settings page.
  • Old archived stats have been removed.
  • Alerts RSS feed URL has changed.
  • Fixed bug when redirecting to session detail page when clicking elements in charts.
  • Fixed bug when sorting cams in list pages.
  • Fixed some dark theme visibility issues.
  • Fixed Twitter icon in share menus.
  • Many other changes and bug fixes behind the screens to improve stability...

Lots of code has been rewritten or redesigned, especially for lists. If something does not appear to be working as expected, please let me know!

The website and notification service was down for over an hour during deployment of this new release. Apologies for the inconvience.