Chaturfier 5.1.0 - Continuation of 5.0

Feb 02, 2024 Chaturfier Bugfix, Feature, Release

Version 5.1.0 is released and is the continuation of update version 5.0.  This previous release had a deadline in order to prevent old session data from being deleted, so some work had to be postponed and moved to a next release.  This is that release.

First of, you may be wondering where the historical data is, that the previous release was all about.  Session data will be archived after 4 weeks, but only since the start of this year: Monday January 1, 2024, and only once a week.  This means that the historical session data will start appearing for all models, at the beginning of week 6, next Monday, February 5.

This update, version 5.1.0, focused on streamlining reusable elements, mainly the sessions overview and charts.  The sessions overview widget is shown on cam profile pages, session detail pages and the historical data pages.  This is now the same widget, with the same functionality throughout.  Similar for the charts as shown on cam profile pages, the same charts are used on the history pages.  Additionally these widgets, and everything involved, has been optimized a lot, which - theoretically - results in faster loading times and less use of system's resources.  To accomplish this, lots of code has been redesigned and rewritten.  This turned out to be quite a lot of work and unfortunately not much of that is actually visible or noticable, but suffice to say that things work better than before and everything surrounding the sessions is now more solid and future proof.

Other changes and improvements include the following:

  • A followers growth chart has been added to cam profile pages.
  • Fixed clicking chart elements on cam profile pages. Clicking on the viewers, position and followers charts will redirect to the session details. Clicking on the ranking charts, will redirect to ranking charts.
  • Fixed an issue with your invites page, that would show an "oops" page in some rare cases.
  • Authentication and end-of-session detection has been improved.
  • All pages showing lists (i.e.: lists of lists) now feature "infinite" scrolling. This includes lists with cam, tagged lists, your created lists, your favorite lists, your lists with favorite models and all popular lists (e.g.: all time popular lists).
  • The search results page now also features "infinite" scrolling.
  • Fixed small issue with the like button on list pages, showing the wrong tooltip.
  • And more behind the screens stuff...

As always, it's possible that some things don't work as supposed to. If you notice anything weird, feel free to contact me.

PS: It has come to my attention this contact email address wasn't working properly. That is, my replies to your emails were never received! Questions, feedback, bug reports - all emails are always replied to and usually within a day. So if you have not received a response to your query, please feel free to send another email!